This is where you should find the answers for the most common questions you might want to ask Marjolein. I'm presuming these are your questions. Also, hiyi, this is a me, Marjolein.

I want to visit Shetland, please, do you have information?

I get asked this a lot. And I always suggest, visiting this page:
(I really should be getting a commission for this by now)

Have you ever been bitten by an owl?


Where are you elsewhere online?

Follow these buttons that I haven't learnt how to put elsewhere on the site:

What is your favourite fictional language?

So I'm of the belief that with this ever expanding Universe and never ending number of parallel universes, everything exists somewhere, so nothing is really fictional. Every hideously terrifying demon is real in some plain at least. I don't know why this question is even allowed to be a FAQ.

Is there a video where you've answered many stupid questions about Shetland before?