There was a time. A time of a podcast that ran for 6 years, run by Dirk, Jamie and Marjolein it was called:

The Heavy Metal Buffet

It began with Dirk and Jamie the 1st recording themselves talking about their love of metal in Dirk's basement back in the Summer of 2012. Marjolein kept crawling into the basement and adding her vocals to the mix and eventually they realised she was harder to kill than she looked. She also promised to make HMB related videos for them. In a long, round a bout kind of, other people helping, kind of way, she finally made what she set out to do in the beginning: HMBTV.

So to end with, because Heavy Metal Buffet ended for the goodness of their livers, HMB was a podcast, annual Rock Festival in Shetland, Youtube channel with an online series and many miscellaneous gigs, videos, merchandise, mascots and art work.

Here are some of the highlights:

Our online series HMBTV, runs over two series, here is the pilot:


RIP HMB 2012 - 2017