Born and raised in Shetland to a local man and Dutch mam. Marjolein is a comedian and storyteller.

Marjolein performs stand up and improvised comedy regularly around Scotland, as well as headlining gigs in Russia, performing in the Auckland and Wellington Fringes and more.

She is a regular panelist on BBC Scotland's Breaking The News and has performed stand up on BBC Scotland's tv series The Comedy Underground (2019).

She also creates and acts in content for the BBC, both television and internet. Marjolein works as a contributor for BBC the Social and BBC Shortstuff and was a regular contributor on BBC Scotland's The People's News.

Marjolein established Shetland's improv troupe 'The Imposters' who perform regularly in the Isles. They also made their off island debut at the first ever Edinburgh International Improv Festival in 2019.

"Possessing an enthusiastic demeanour, Robertson darts between anecdotes with ease, sometimes strolling off on diverting tangents."
-  Emma Lawson, The Wee Review (2019)

"Her performance was easygoing, charming, and disarmingly frank, reducing the audience to quivering puddles of laughter constantly, with stories of romantic failures and drunken shenanigans." - Alex Garrick-Wright, Shetland News (2017)

"Marjolein Robertson's stage presence and narrative style is informal and charming" - Kenza Marland, The List (2017)

"Charming, intelligent, and self-deprecating in the best way" - Catherine Hart, (2017)

"Marjolein has a great stage presence, immediately bringing the audience into her world in a warm and engaging manner." - Bunbury Magazine (2017)

"Intensely likeable person and a very promising comedian." - Kevin Ibbotson-Wight, Wee Review (2016)

"Confidence way beyond her years" - Alan Donald, Shetland News (2016)