Welcome to the Dark Web

Lol jokes.

Well I hope. The Dark Web terrifies me, I get scared I’ve stumbled on it by accident and Alice in Wonderland fall into a Tron facade-clad world but with non of the drugs and bikes.





(That light suit is going to do nothing for her if she falls/explodes/someone unplugs the game whilst still playing in order not to lose like a bad loser.)

But apparently it’s hard to get into so that’s good, just don’t take your chances. Last night we had a beautiful full moon, a full pink moon in fact. The full moon in April is for planting below ground crops. Good thing that I had planted my tatties yesterday by complete coincidence. Yeah don’t take your chances, I was going to go for a swim, but a full moon means selkies and trows on the shore. Sounds cool, but don’t meddle with what you don’t fully understand.

The point of this post was to welcome you to my sight and highlight some upcoming dates.

I’ll be performing my new hour of stand up ‘Marjolein Robertson: It’s Time’ at the Edinburgh Fringe from 4th – 25th August at 7.20pm everyday in Room 1 of the Black Market.

I will also be performing a storytelling hour for the first week of the Fringe – more info coming soon!

As well as working on a brand new comedy/fandom podcast to be released in the Hairst (Autumn). More news on that soon!

Enjoy the rest of the site. I love you.

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